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“Happy New Year Meg!! First I want to thank you for all of your support and guidance these months, for your patience, understanding, and smiles that made my day on many occasions. Thank you for believing in me, in who I am and who I want to be in the future, which I will work hard to become. I also want to congratulate you and wish you the best of luck with The College Doula. The happiness that comes from doing what we love is irreplaceable, I admire you and look up to becoming as hard working ❤️❤️”

V.E. Cornell University, Class of '26
Congratulations Note from Meg, the college doula.

“We have had a great experience with Meg Mahoney. She got to know my daughter extremely well over the course of the application process, the decision process and, finally, the gap year process. Her knowledge, judgment and compassion were fantastic. She had just the right touch with my daughter. Deciding to work with Meg was a great move for us.”

D.P. Dartmouth College, '25

When I first started the college application process I was so lost, I had no idea where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, or even where to start. Working with Meg made the process seem so much easier and I loved that I was able to reach out to Meg whenever I had a question. Knowing that I had someone to help me along the way made applying to college so much more stress free!”

S.M., University of Rhode Island, '22

"I've really enjoyed working with Meg! She was a positive and attentive counselor who clearly cared about my personal goals and growth. I could not have been as organized, motivated, and on-track as I was during the entire college process without Meg. Thank you, Meg for being by my side at all times and helping me find the school of my dreams!"

A.C., University of Michigan, '22
Successful College Admissions Counselor. Note card saying congratulations to student on college acceptance.

“We started the process late because of a move in the middle of high school and a very rocky start to junior year. I was so worried for my senior about how things would turn out, and how we would conquer this phase in addition to all the other changes she was already facing. Despite starting the process late, Meg assured us that we still had plenty of time to make things work. Meg was so incredibly helpful in alleviating all our fears and guiding our daughter down a calm and precise path, helping her navigate the whole college process from start to finish. I know this saved our household from lots of tears, arguments and negativity. I can’t express enough how attentive and available she was during this entire process for both my senior and myself! "

O.K., Skidmore College, '25
College Acceptance Congratulations Note from College Admissions Counselor, The College Doula, Meg Mahoney.

“PSA for Friends and colleagues with kids; Meg Mahoney is an outstanding college counselor. My daughter had an amazing resource in-house at her school, but Meg advised her on her application package; essays and activities page to help her stand out and make shine. She got into her school of choice. We are so grateful for Meg's expertise and overall style of humor and encouragement to help our student do their best work. We will be using Meg’s full service for our second daughter! 💯👩🏻‍🎓 Contact College Doula today!!”

K.K., Carleton College '25

Meg has been from the beginning thoughtful, energetic, responsible, active, and thorough in her counseling of my son. From the start, F. empathized with her, which made the process of choosing, applying and deciding what he wanted to study and where to attend so much easier. Meg has shown us that she is not only knowledgeable in her counseling, but also realistic in directing him towards what colleges to apply, taking into consideration his grades, capabilities, and persona. I would definitely recommend Meg. She made this whole process (which can be really stressful) enjoyable for both F. and me.

C.L., Loyola Marymount University, '23

We had an absolutely fantastic experience with Meg! The whole process was planned and executed to perfection and the end result could not have been better! Meg was superb and we truly enjoyed working with her. She is inspirational,very organized, disciplined and advises and follows through consistently. We had a truly remarkable experience with Meg, and there was never a negative moment in all the weeks of counseling. I would definitely recommend Meg over and over! Meg is just great and we truly and we truly appreciate what she did for us!!

H.T., Bentley University
Congratulation's on getting into college note. Note with pendcil, brown envelope and pine cone.

"Meg was very helpful in helping K. select a topic for her essay and then narrow that topic to something that really spoke to her. Meg asked great questions to support K. in her work but did not tell her what to write or change any of K's work. K. applied to 11 colleges and got into all 11. Two admissions counselors reached out to her and told her it was her essay that was the deciding factor to her admission. It was by far the strongest part of her application".

Congratulations note from college admissions counselor for getting accepted into college. The college doula helps highschool students get into their dream college.

"Meg is not only extremely knowledgeable and business-like in her advice but also empathetic and caring. Having gone through the college admissions process with our older daughter without an advisor, we were unsure whether this would be useful. She made a big difference for us. We are extremely grateful".

Angela P. & Juan B., Columbia University, '22

"Working with you over the past year has been amazing and we are so grateful for your guidance and expertise in every aspect along the way. He couldn't wait to share the good news with you...which says so much about the time you spent together . We will be in touch soon when [his brother] is ready...he's having a great Freshman year so far!"

K.M., SMU Cox School of Business, 2026

Meg we really give all our thanks and credit for B. getting all the offers he did. We had no inkling of where to start, how to continue, or what came next. You kept us all on track and made something monumental seem doable and not so bad. I hope you see these achievements as yours as well because none of it Would have happened if not for you and we tell everyone that. We will gladly submit reviews and please know how grateful we are for all you’ve done.

Naval Academy Preparatory School
Note from College Doula reading " Congratulations, you did and amazing job". Card sittin on marble table with pen and flowers.

Thank you, and thank you for suggesting this school and forcefully suggesting I visit haha. I love it so much here and can’t wait for the rest of the year.

Note reading "Congratulations, you've worked hard and earned it" with Meg signature and The College Doula logo on top. Card is sitting on top of brown enevelope with eucalyptus plants on marble table.

I’ll be attending Kings College in a couple of weeks. Honestly nothing would have been possible without your help and I’m forever grateful...Thank you for everything.

Ana, Kings College

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