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Hi! My name is Meg Mahoney and I am The College Doula. I have built a career by helping students and families through the college admissions process. For the last 10 years, I have proudly worked with students and families hailing from every continent (except Antarctica)! Not only have I successfully guided students to admissions at highly sought after schools like University of Virginia, Northeastern University, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell University, and Vanderbilt University, I am incredibly proud of helping students overcome challenges (including some major ones) to gain acceptance into their dream schools — the schools and communities where they will be supported and thrive.

I love working with young people at a pinnacle point of their life, trying to discover who they are and imagine who they can become. I have worked with students from around the world including Canada, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Brazil, Panamá, Colombia, England, Germany, and the United States.

Meg Mahoney with arms crossed with gray background. Private College Counselor for High School students

Why Work With Meg?

Why Work With Meg?

As an experienced college counselor with a former client list of students who have gone on to be accepted at top-rated schools in the US, Canada, UK, and continental Europe, students who receive the best results (top admissions and financial award packages) are those whose families who start early and execute a selective admissions strategy with Meg.

An outside reader of undergraduate applications for Bentley University for two consecutive cycles, Meg read more than 1000 applications. A graduate of Northeastern University (B.S.), Harvard University (EdM), and UMass Boston (MEd), Meg also earned a college counseling certificate from UCLA and held a Massachusetts school counselor license for years.

Meg has spoken at national and international conferences, a rare attainment for a private counselor — NACAC (2015), CIS Latin America Institute (2017), Latin America Regional Institute (2018), and International ACAC (2018).

Meg is a fearless advocate for the needs of students and families.

Why the name College Doula?

I love the name too!

I happily give credit for The College Doula™ name to a dad. I worked closely with his daughters throughout their very different college journies, supporting this family as they navigated the college admissions process. 

After building close relationships with both girls and intimately understanding their unique needs and goals, their father told me that I had come into their lives when they needed it most, providing expert advice in real time, emotional reassurance, advocacy, and delivering results & encouragement. He said, “Meg, you are the College Doula™!”

This name is a deep compliment that truly resonates with me. Not only will I ensure your success as an expert project and process manager, but I am your guide, believer, and advocate. By creating a personalized program just for your family, I provide the compassionate, professional support you need each step of the way, empowering you to feel calm and confident throughout the process. 


Why the name College Doula?


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