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All programs at The College Doula are led with honesty, creativity, dedication, and respect.

Meg motivates and inspires students to academic excellence and a commitment to personal responsibility.

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The All Inclusive Admissions Program includes:

You are already navigating high school and I am working with you on self-discovery, self-care, helping you to define your character and opening gigantic doors to possibilities. With each step we take together, I provide accountability to the action you take on the plans we create together. Your load gets infinitely lighter and gratifying. We keep this work relevant, focused, manageable and achievable.

Is it startup, start-up or start UP? Either way, you are in 8th or 9th grade and this program is for you! With my guidance, you will step in and become a visionary - whether it is as a leader, inspiring the team, or your own indelible mark. I’ll guide you the entire way.

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