Today is a sweet day to come back to the office after traveling to New Hampshire for my niece’s wedding. Her attention to detail– starting with her creative hashtag (#whitemountainlove), to a locally harvested meal with delicious options for all, and blankets and cozy socks available for guests–was noticeable at every turn of the ceremony and reception. She admittedly loved planning her wedding but what was truly impressive was when things didn’t go as planned, she smiled and rolled with it! After reciting her vows to her now husband, he was overcome with emotion and bear-hugged her and her veil fell to the ground! We all laughed of course, however, it was the bride’s grace, smile and poise that inspired this journal entry. Her team of best women put the veil back in record time. Even the best-laid college admissions plan will have an emotional, possibly sloppy, funny, disappointing, or unexpected moment. Like my beautiful niece, students need to embrace it all and enjoy the ride, because in the end, the best parts are yet to come.

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